Hypocrite Society.

To Dear Society,

I eagerly wanted to ask You one question Who The Heck Are You to interfare in others life?Don’t you have some other work to do except putting your nose in between among somebody’s Internal Affairs?

Sadly,Our Society haven’t Changed from their so called Narrow Mentality But yes, they did changed from their Clothes But not from mind.Likely, everyone is busy in their life as they used to tell everyone but they really do have time to do back bitching of others.Sometimes I felt like Doing back bitching of others not only made someone to be a trendy topic but also it’s their so called medium to pass time. Like seriously Man, if in case we talked about how our Patriarchy criticize a girl’s integrity and then, used to blame on her by putting their ‘n’ no. Of negativity imaginery thoughts like… Shit!…. His girl is roaming on the streets at 12 all alone and not only this the worst part is even when Girl is roaming at her terrice and talking through a phone call with someone then also some of her family members used to Put Allegations on her in front of her parents that see… Now your girl also goes to the roof to talk to someone or What is the need of your girl who is talking to someone on the roof and Not only this there are so many Allegations which is used to put against on Girls part in which Abusing is the “one”. Dear Aunties stop judging us when we use to abuse while releasing our anger on someone,you too abuse when your in anger, ur son, ur husband also used to Abuse worse than us even, it’s a Indian Emotion First of All to release all of our anger in just a second as well as its a Human Tendency. And Most Importantly you start judging us by comparing us from Boys Right? – that only he can abuse nor us because they are boys and we are girls… Ooops! May be “Puppets” or “Robots” yes?… So let me tell you we girls are not going to change our genders to abuse Some Nonsense creeps who used to roam Around us barking vulgar about us. This is just not in 21st century Girl Genere.And it is not that, only girls are taunted in this society but Boys also. Boys also faced criticism on the part of loosing virginity or not having any girlfriend or about their emotions. I don’t understand why we are becoming like this?Has it been since childhood that we have been teaching this? I felt to this Question Answer is “Maybe”. Perhaps In Childhood, we got to learn this from people around us. So, what if we have learned all this from people?…we can change our thinking anyday right? If we decide once that we have to develop our way of thinking according to the generation in order to be a Good Person rather than a Troublesome person.

So Just stop Taunting Others and start spreading Positive Vibes , start Minding your own Business hence, spend more time on your progress rather interfering into life of others. Stop criticizing Genders based false reality, Stop procrastinating your mistakes on others. Remember Your the Society and You’re responsible to create the better picture of your own nation To set an example for other nations and specially to the upcoming Generations. You can bring the change once u decide to make it happen.Be a Source of Bringing smile to see many faces smiling just because of you and last but not the least “Live & Let live”.


I always Thought of this that what if i won’t be a Human but Doll Though what if i won’t have a Heart Rather I would love to be a Robot who have no Feelings, No Regrets, No emotions,No Hardships and Nothing.But At the same moment if i thought of some prons and Cons of being a Robot I found that No Man, Being A Human Is More Beautiful irrespective of All The Oddity that what a Human being is Having which Might hurt sometime, that emotions which eats up all of you By over thinking alot at one particular thing.On the Other hand sometimes i used to laugh By thinking that No Matter what if God haven’t framed me Like a Doll But this Cruel World still treated with Many of us Girls as we are doll or a Toy Without any feelings as a Result we can’t protest against them, we won’t get hurt and most importantly they can do anything with us without any fear and can play with us anytime and when they get filled up with us, they can throw us without keeping their hearts at our Place.

Hahaha! If They Really care for us why would they do with us such mess, i corrected what my mind stated. On the other Hand We must feel blessed to be a Human Because we have Emotions which aren’t as similar to one another ,we have Beautiful Heart in Which there are so many memories to ne cherished of our Dear ones ,so many flaws which made us different and many Different Qualities we have inherited from our parents as well as family members.

So,ofcourse we might not be perfect in all respect and that is why god haven’t made us look like a doll but because he have chosen best for us by giving us all the necessary rights which we all deserve to lead a Happy life.


Soo…My dear ones here, i come up with unique Subject named Hallucination. So many things were must be ran in ur mind by firstly reading this word. By jumping directly into the conclusion,first of all i wanted to tell you that I have spend half of my life by hallucinating things which gives me sense of happiness and now Am proceeding further by telling you what actually hallucination means…so, whenever you’re thinking about something very deeply by attaching your emotions in it is what called hallucinating about some particular thing. By visualizing everything which is running inside ur head and you by yourself Question and answering it by your own. As of now if i will tell u actual meaning by giving my example if in case u didn’t get my point yet. So, many times I used to hallucinate something which i can’t do nor it’s possible to me. So at that time just for the sake of my heart to satisfy it, i started thinking about that task..

As Like dancing with my favourite female celebrity Deepika padukon is one of my dream which can’t be possible to come true in reality so… I usually start hallucinating in my mind that am with her and she by herself picked me to dance with her all of her own and many friends of mine are stunned to see that moment… Is what called hallucinating. Many people told that Hallucinating is a disease well, my dear friends its not a disease if you better know that some dream you have seen cannot be fulfilled by you until and unless u didn’t work for it right? U can’t be successful in that though that thing is somehow next to impossible soo what problem in hallucinating and satisfying yourself by thinking that you have acheived it.

So it’s not a mental illness. it’s just a process to satisfy yourself by imagine what you don’t have perhaps what next to impossible for you and though it makes you Happy too but yes, it sometimes leads to depression to hurt yourself through your own expectations if one think so much about it excessively.

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